Guru Shasta and idea that was channeled through Stephen Baldonado one summer afternoon visiting Mount Shasta....he had been hiking and meditating on the mountain......  In a flash it was understood by Stephen that it was time to create a space for the healing of the human consciousness, and take his gifts as a designer and healer and blend them into ONE. The road to the creation of GURU was a true miracle.....one steeped in the magic of surrender and guidance.  

GURU was established and set with an intention of helping anyone drawn to Shasta......YOU ....to uncover your own inner wisdom, highest-self,....your GURU within.  It lives within all of us, and oftentimes it takes retreat to hear it and acknowledge it. Let Shasta be your container for personal advancement and spiritual growth.  Sat Nam. 

Pure Elements

Fresh air, sunshine, forest and natural springs abound in the area.  Connecting with the purity of the natural elements is a true gift and miracle, and one that nourishes your soul so that you are able to live fully in your gift, your spirit, and your calling.  Let nature be your greatest teacher. 

Higher Self

Guru Shasta is a manifestation by you and for you.  It was created by the collective higher selves of human consciousness.....with the idea that you need personal space, and unspoiled sacred land for healing the blocks and obstacles that limit the access to your Guru within. "Come home to yourself."


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Retreat with us at the Root Chakra (and Crown!) of Mother Earth.  Higher awareness awaits!


Mount Shasta, California, United States